VANCOUVER (BC), April 16, 2014 – Coast Capital Equipment Finance Ltd. (CCEF), a subsidiary of Coast Capital Savings, and Travelers Financial Corporation (TFC) announced today that the assets of the prime equipment and vehicle finance business of TFC will become part of the Coast Capital Group of Companies. Coast is Canada’s 2nd largest credit union with 50 branches in the loer mainland and Vancouver Island. The ranking does not appear to include the Caisse Populaire movement!

CFLA in its 2013/2014 Annual Report indicates  the value of  new assets financed in 2013 is estimated to be $107 billion and the total value of assets financed in Canada is $314 billion. The value of new machinery and equipment, excluding vehicles, financed in 2013 was $27 billion; the value of commercial or flleet vehicles was $7 billion and the value of consumer or retail vehicles was $73 billion. Restricting the data to include just leasing yields new lease originations of $13 billion for equipment and commercial vehicles and $10 billion for retail vehicles in 2013.Although reliable data is scarce, the CFLA estimates that the banks account for between 50 and 60 percent of all asset-based finance and leasing transactions in 2013. Manufacturers’ captives, including the carmakers’ financing arms, are the second-largest segment of  providers of asset-based finance but they remain well behind the banks: accounting for about 25 percent of the value of assetsfinanced .

Moe Danis the “guy” who brought securitization to the leasing industry - was chosen as CFLA’s Member of the Year (2014). Moe is currently with Pacific & Western Bank.

Canadian Dominion Leasing name is back in the marketplace! The original Co  established in the 60's was acquired by Bank of Montreal in the early '80's and ultimately wound up. The new CDL started in 2011 specializes in equipment for transportation, construction, industrial and manufacturing industries in Canada. The Co is headed up by David Roberts and based in Burlington Ont with representation in BC.

n 2011 Bodkin Leasing was acquired by Equirex. The former is a mid ticket Tier 1.5 lessor and Equirex is a mid ticket Tier 2. The two Cos are being operated separately.

TD Bank are back in the leasing business (2011) and being managed for the bank by the lads at Capital Underwriters.

Early 2010 Canadian Capital Leasing moved its offices to Burlington. The "Torontonians" set up their own broker operation as Equibank Financial Services.



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